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Play Pickleball in Aspen Snowmass at the ARC

play pickleball in Aspen SnowmassLooking for a fun, family-friendly summer activity? Pickleball is it. Aspen Snowmass has caught pickleball fever. Whether you’re new to the sport or you’re already a fanatic, you can play at the public pickleball courts at the Aspen Recreation Center (ARC). And if you didn’t pack your paddle and ball, you can rent equipment at the ARC for $5.
Why is pickleball great for all ages?
Pickleball is like miniature tennis. Everything about the sport is smaller: the paddle, the court, the net. The smaller scale makes pickleball easier to play. Add a wiffleball to the mix, and, whether you’re a 5-year-old or a 75-year-old, you’ll be able to knock the ball into the other court with ease.
After you visit the Maroon Bells, drop by the pickleball courts at the Aspen Recreation Center, and add even more fun to your day!

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Play pickleball at the ARC, ride a hot air balloon, go on a rafting trip, watch the Snowmass Rodeo, ride the Aspen Mountain gondola, and attend Farm-to-Table Tuesday on Snowmass Mountain during your Aspen Snowmass vacation. Whatever you want your vacation to be, we bring it all together for you in a personalized vacation package. It’s your all-inclusive package, so you can also add airfare, car rental, travel insurance, and lodging. Check out Aspen hotel deals to save on your stay, or browse Aspen lodging and Snowmass lodging options.
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