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How to Ski a Powder Day on Aspen Mountain

If you ask a handful of Aspen locals what their favorite of the four Aspen Snowmass ski mountains is, you are bound to get a spectrum of answers. Some like the extreme nature of the Highland Bowl at Aspen Highlands and others enjoy quick top-to-bottom laps on the Tiehack Express lift at Buttermilk Mountain. Many claim there is nothing quite like the challenging terrain of the Hanging Valley Headwall at Snowmass Mountain.
Despite the difference of opinions when it comes to favorite ski mountain, one thing all locals are bound to agree on is that skiing Aspen Mountain on a powder day is hard to beat. It boasts 3,267 vertical feet of varied intermediate and expert terrain and bottom-to-top gondola rides that only take 14-17 minutes and max out at 11,212 feet above sea level. Needless to say, Aspen Mountain is the place to be for a fun and efficient day of powder skiing.
However, knowing how to get the most out of a powder day on Aspen Mountain can be tricky if you don’t ski it on a regular basis. That’s why having local knowledge of Aspen Mountain can take a powder day from being great to being unforgettable.
To help you make the most of your next powder day at Aspen Mountain, the kinds folks at Aspen Snowmass took their insider knowledge of it and baked it into a guide: How to Ski Aspen Mountain on a Powder Day.
The guide lets you in on the reasons why locals love the mountain before diving into a recommended sequence for skiing its best runs and riding its various lifts. 
Best of all, the guide gives you the inside scoop on the not-so-secret stashes of powder that locals are known to frequent.
When you’re ready to book your next Aspen Snowmass ski vacation in hopes of hitting an unforgettable powder day on Aspen Mountain, click to call Stay Aspen Snowmass, or send us an email.

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